About Us

We are a small team of artisans who create unique hand-made wall coverings. Our inspirations often come from nature and our product quality control comes from patriarch of this father-son team,  James Girouard, working along side his son Tyler Girouard.

James Girouard’s thirty-five year interior design background ensures a superior level of wallcovering design and fabrication.  Together we bring talent and experience with emphasis on quality, creativity, and above all Texture.

What made us fall in love with wallcovering design is texture. Seemingly endless, the applications we can explore with this platform always excite us. To have creative freedom at this level is liberating for both the client and the Designer. 

Our uniquely handcrafted designs are available through our partner showrooms across the country.

Our clients include top interior design firms in the country from New York to Palm Beach, Boston to Los Angeles. We invite you to visit our showrooms to experience the quality and craftsmanship in our wide variety of samples. Feel free to inspect full sheet and close-up images on our website and, contact us for more information.